The Ties That Bind:

Weighing the risks and benefits of drug industry sponsorship

Seminar report

Table of Contents

1. Foreword by Lisa Hayes, HAI Europe

2. Summary of Presentations

Introduction: David Gilbert, UK Office for Public Management

Naming the Problem: Charles Medawar, Social Audit

Sponsorship as a Corporate Strategy to Engineer Consent: Judith Richter

Corporate Objectives, Consumer Consequences: Barbara Mintzes

Saying "yes" to Corporate Sponsorship: The case of South Africa's consumer forum: Diane Terblanche, Consumer Institute South Africa and National Consumer Forum

Shaping Guidelines, Taking a Stand: Mary McPhail, European Public Health Alliance

Saying "no" to Corporate Sponsorship: The case of an independent drug bulletin:

Danielle Bardelay, La revue Prescrire

3. Conclusions by Joel Lexchin

4. Discussion

5. Programme

6. Participants list

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