The Risks and Benefits of Drug Industry Sponsorship


WHO and sponsorship

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WHO's increasingly close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry has raised concerns about conflict of interest by HAI and a number of public interest organisations. HAI has focused attention on this issue at various fora involving WHO.

January 2000 HAI speaks out on drug industry sponsorship at 105th WHO Executive Board meeting

May 1999 At the 52nd World Health Assembly held in May 1999, HAI focused attention on this issue in a letter written to WHO's Director General. Below are related items of correspondence for those following this debate.

Letter to Dr Brundtland

NGO statement in support of HAI's letter

Response from Dr Brundtland


Drug industry sponsorship for health-related NGOs

December 1998

As public funding for health care initiatives continues to decline, more and more health-related NGOs are debating whether or not to accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry. HAI Europe held a one-day seminar to promote discussion on this issue. Below are various excerpts from that publication.

The Ties That Bind: Weighing the risks and benefits of drug industry sponsorship
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Seminar report foreword

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